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Runwusheng logo is a composite of RWS, the first letter of Chinese characters, and the color consists of green and blue transitions.

Green: represents the hope, shows us attaching great importance to the resource regeneration and environmental protection. Blue: symbolizes rationality, tranquility, profoundity and infinity, it is the symbol of science and technology. It means our company serve for the crops protection with green efficiency and embrace the future with technological innovation.


The three letter composite shape of RWS, symbolizes the collective strength to form the growing trend of all things, which shows that the company needs every employee to participate together and work shoulder to shoulder with efforts to create the company's diligence, unity, and upward cohesion.

Runwusheng the three Chinese characters, stand for three different elements: Nourish all, green all, and all thrive. It represents the company is committed to the crops protection of the whole world with the vision of creating human high quality health life.


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